Sunday, March 8, 2015


Well, I can say I am officially in Argentina. It took about two days to get to Posadas by three flights. I was definitely hit by culture shock. I can't understand anything they are saying and also they have siesta (nap) during the middle of the day, but I am loving it here. I stayed at the mission home with the LaPierre´s (mission president) for three days. We spent a lot of time getting too know each other. I just admire them so much and are amazing people. Then I got to meet my new companion. She is from Michigan and has only two months left. I will be her first child and last companion. It will be a sad day when she leaves cause I have grown to adore her so much. She is super sweet and really caring. After we met, I was taken on a bus four hours away to my new home called Eldorado. It is a pretty big city but not as big as Posadas. It is very hilly and super hot. On the plus side, a lot of ice cream places all around. We live right in center place on the third floor of a one bedroom apartment. We have a pretty view over looking a lot of Eldorado. My first few days have been kind of a blur. I have visited a lot of less actives and investigators. It is hard sometimes because I do not know what they are saying but I can pick out a couple words. Over time, I know it will get a lot better. I had my very first lunch on Friday. The food was so good but so much of it. I felt bad to say no so I just ate everything they gave me. I pretty much stay full till the next time we eat lunch. One thing, I like about Argentina culture is the people. They are all so sweet and so nice. When you go to someone´s house you clap outside their gate instead of knocking. All the women kiss each other on both the cheeks. I have never been kissed so much on my cheek in my entire life until I came on a mission haha. As missionaries, we can only shake the men's hands but they do it too. That is just their culture. Everyone drinks mata here. I see it in everyones hands that I pass by. There are also many babies with really good hair haha.  I attend a little branch with wonderful members that are so nice to me. I do not understand them half the time but with the Lords help I will become Fluent soon, but for right now I am going to go out and do the Lord's work. I love and miss everyone so much!

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