Thursday, February 12, 2015

Week 4

This will be short.  I do not have mucho tiempo and not a lot to write about.  In the MTC, we do not exactly switch our schedules.  This week was pretty great.  I feel like it was a more laid back week. My third week was the pretty hectic one.  On Tuesday, we had our devotional by Gregory Shwitzer.  He made me think a lot about how I can be a better missionary.  The quote from the talk was " You have one shot... dont miss it. " I feel like being a missionary you have one chance.  We can not let our fears get in the way of striving to be better.   I think that it could apply to everyone not just missionaries.  Always look for those tender mercies that make you better. On Wednesday, I finally got to Host.  It was so fun, but so sad to see all the missionary's parents crying.  I felt like I was dragging them away, but at the same time promising the MTC is super fun.  All in all, it was a great experience  that I will get to do again this week.  Funny Moment of the week:   It was at night and Hermana Wood and I were trying to figure out what drink we wanted from the vending machine.  We started to rap and dance a little then all of a sudden we hear this sweet little voice saying " Oh, I love your dancing".  It was Sister Glacier ( Branch Presidency wife).  We were pretty embarrassed, but it made for a pretty funny story. I love being a missionary and the happiness it brings me.  I have learned so much in just a short amount of time. MIssions definitely come with challenges but the key is to just forget yourself and get lost in this great cause. When you stop thinking about your happiness and start thinking about others happiness, you truly have become a real missionary.  I miss yall so much! 

                                                                                            Hermana Dempsey

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Week 3

Okay, first I want to start by saying that I have almost made it to my halfway mark in the MTC.  Yay!!!  I also found out I will hit may one month mark on February 14th, Valentine day!  Well not much has happened this week.  On Monday, we got a new investigator name Cruz.  She is one tough cookie, haha.  We were able to teach her a few good lessons and she is going to be baptized now.  We have another lesson with her tonight.  Our two other investigators Alan and Fransico have decided to get baptized.  So, it was a good week.  On Wednesday, my entire zone was chosen to be guinea pigs over at the west campus.  We got to go into the  big white bubbles.  They were awesome !  We also found out that all the missionaries on west campus had to have their classes in apartment buildings.  That means 20 missionaries in one little apartment for class.  It makes me so grateful to be at the main campus.  We were over there to basically check out the classroom setup for the new add ons at the main campus.  It was a pretty fun morning.  The rest of the days we did a bunch of studying learning.  We hung out a lot with our zone because they leave next week.   It is so sad they are leaving.  We have all become good friends.  One district ( Hermana Dustin, Hermana Cluff, Hermana Cardon, Elder Porter, Elder James, Elder Henderson, Elder Jenson) are going to Resistencia, Argentina.  The other district (Elder puffin, Elder Diangelo, Elder Lines) will be going to Buenas
Aires North Argentina, Resistencia Argentina, Santa Cruz North Bolivia.

It is going to be weird being the only district.  So hopefully we get a new district this week.  I was so sad because we did not get to host last week, but I know for sure we get to host this week.  I think it will be really exciting to get all the new missionaries.

Okay, on to Fast Sunday, which means no breakfast or lunch.  It was a long day but I know I will get mucho blessings from it.  I also had to say the prayer and bare my testimony in Sacrament meeting.  I was freaking out the whole day because my Spanish is so bad.  I told myself,  I am a missionary now so I have to do these things.  After sacrament, my companion and I had to give the Sunday School lesson. It happened to be a very busy day for me.  The walk to the temple was the cherry on top .  The Provo Temple is so beautiful and it was such a gorgeous day.  Surprisingly,  Provo has not gotten any more snow since I have been here.  Well, that pretty much sums up my week.  I miss everyone so much and I love being a missionary.                    Hermana Dempsey

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Week 2

So, I would say this week has gone by super fast. You do not realize it's P-day until it is actually P-day. The days are really long and you're spiritually drained all the time but it is wonderful here. It has really helped to strengthen my testimony. Okay, so on to my days. This email might be short because there is not much to say. Our schedule stays pretty much the same. So, last Monday we finished our last lesson with Reyna, it was a sad day, but at least she agreed to be baptized. Then we found out she would be our new teacher and her real name is not Reyna. On Tuesday, we picked up a new investigator name Alan. We have had two lessons so far that have gone alright. It is just so hard to be able to talk when your spanish is so bad. Wednesday, it was so weird because we got new missionaries and we were not the newbies anymore. It was so weird to think we have been here for almost two weeks. I am so excited because we get to host Wednesday.  On Thursday, we had our service day. My comp. Hermana Hartley and I had to wash, sweep, and dry the stairs in our dormitories. There are four floors and two sets of stairs. It was a very long and tiring task, but we finally got it done after 2 hours. I love service time because we get to wear pants. I miss pants so much esp. in the cold. This weather makes wearing skirts so painful. I always cannot wait for Sunday because it is just so wonderful. My comp. and I were feeling stressed to the max because we have to give the Sunday School lesson next week and also got called as music coordinators for Sacrament.  So, we were feeling stressed until we went to Relief Society. We were able to hear some amazing talks that just strengthens you so much. The Spoken Word is just so sweet to hear every Sunday.  Sunday night we were able to have our devotional with the MTC manager over missionaries. He was so funny but gave an awesome talk about letting Satan push your buttons. Sunday devotionals are the best. You get to relax from your studying and hear some inspirational words. To end Sunday night, we got to watch Character of Christ by David A. Bedinar. I advise everyone to listen to this talk. It will change your point of view in ways you can not describe. It really changed my view on how I can become a better missionary. Okay funny moments of this week:
1. A bird smacked into our classroom window.
2. We convinced Elder Lines that Hermana Wood's first name is Katniss
3. Asian elder made fun of himself ( that was hilarious)
                                                                                           Well I got to go Te Amo,      Hermana Dempsey

Hermana Dempsey